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Vero Water is a leading provider of luxury still and sparkling water to the hospitality industry. Vero offers exceptionally great tasting still and sparkling water that is an affordable alternative to bottled water for consumers, more sustainable for the environment, and a more profitable brand for the hospitality industry to offer versus traditional bottled water brands. Vero’s proprietary purification and bottling process enables hospitality clients to purify, bottle and serve Vero still and sparkling water on-premise and on-demand. The exceptional taste quality and unparalleled concierge service, has propelled Vero into the most acclaimed restaurants nationwide, served by the most successful chefs, restaurateurs and owner operators in the hospitality industry.

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News Releases
May 19, 2016

85% of dining patrons request tap water; offers affordable luxury trade-up from high-priced traditional bottled water Exceptionally great tasting still and sparkling water, with a taste profile...

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