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Marga Mulino June 2016
The new machine that allows you to obtain cereal flakes and flour

Marga Mulino, which is part of the Marcato Design line, is the only machine that grinds wheat and cereals in just a few minutes to obtain flour, flakes and malt for beer. It can be used with soft-wheat flours, such as oat, barley and rye flour, and with durum-wheat flours, such as spelt, kamut, rice and buckwheat flour.

It is very easy to use: Marga Mulino works with a system consisting of three rollers that rotate at different speeds thanks to the crank provided. Marga Mulino is the only machine that can also be used with the motor, by applying the “Pastadrive” accessory of the Marcato Design line, available separately.

Through the three-roller system and the 6 positions of the adjustment knob, you can obtain cereal flakes with different finishes or flour.

Marga Mulino allows you to prepare a healthy, natural breakfast in just a few minutes. Cereal processing, which is carried out shortly before consumption, fully preserves the properties of cereals and ensures complete assimilation of all nutritional properties. Cereals are ideal for breakfast, since they contain fibre and starch, giving us energy in a form that is easily assimilated by our body; cereals are also rich in minerals (potassium, iron, calcium and magnesium). The flakes can also be used to prepare cakes, soups and biscuits.

Cereal flours are easier to digest and are rich in fibre. They can be used to produce various types of pasta, biscuits, pizza and different kinds of bread.

Marga Mulino undergoes constant quality checks aimed at protecting health and is guaranteed 10 years from the date of purchase.


Wellness: the guarantee of a 100% healthy and wholesome product

Marcato pays particular attention to health with the concept of Wellness: each part of Marga Mulino is made of materials that do not release heavy metals.

Marcato continues to perform lab tests and extensive controls on its products to support the concept of "Wellness" every single day, to make its machines safe for the consumer to use, and to prepare genuine tasting pasta with all the flavours of tradition.

Exclusive materials, aesthetic innovations and the quality of details make Marga Mulino the perfect product for making cereal flakes and flour. An all-Italian masterpiece, entirely Made in Italy.

For further information:, Office direct Tel.: 269-932-0214, Main Office Tel.: 269-932-0220, 800 Marcato number: 877-267-8906, Cell.: +1-269-985-8290