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Paul McCauley
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Marcato Is Made In Italy, is the leading manufacturer in the world for machines and accessories that make fresh pasta, biscuits, and bread.

Marcato has three lines. The two that are dedicated to the home are known as the Atlas 150 models: The Atlas 150 Design (in 9 different colors) and The Atlas 150 Classic line (the traditional machine in platted chrome.) The Atlas 150 has up to 13 different attachments. Allowing you wide variety in the types of pasta you wish to make.

The third line, RistorAntica, is dedicated to the professional world. With its many attachments this machine can give you many different types of pasta; giving the creative chef a great tool. More info @

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News Releases
May 20, 2016

RistorĂ¡ntica, from the Marcato Professional line, is the machine for fresh pasta that best combines the professionalism and experience of Marcato. RistorĂ¡ntica is designed to perform three main...

May 20, 2016

Pasta Mixer Wellness is the new machine by Marcato that combines tradition and practicality, allowing you to knead and prepare fresh homemade pasta in a short time and with great ease. The type of...

May 20, 2016

Marga Mulino, which is part of the Marcato Design line, is the only machine that grinds wheat and cereals in just a few minutes to obtain flour, flakes and malt for beer. It can be used with...

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