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MARCATO Ristorántica - TBD
The professional machine perfect for making fresh pasta

Ristorántica, from the Marcato Professional line, is the machine for fresh pasta that best combines the professionalism and experience of Marcato. Ristorántica is designed to perform three main functions in making fresh pasta: knead the ingredients, roll out and cut sheets of pasta and extrude pasta.

The design, intended to amaze, combines ergonomic shape and fine details, making it an object to decorate any type of kitchen with style.
Ristorántica is able to work 10 Kg of fresh pasta per hour and can be used continuously for many hours in a single day. It is entirely made of duralumin for foods, a durable yet light material at the same time.

The machine includes 3 extruders and 2 cutting rollers, that allow for the creation of different types of pasta such as spaghetti, fusilli, macaroni, lasagne, fettuccine, tagliolini. The rollers are made of aluminium for foods, which ensures a 100% healthy pasta.
The bronze extruders are simple to use, quick to clean and long lasting. Thanks to the particular design and high-precision machining, they consist of two parts to ensure easy cleaning.

Another 9 optional bronze extruders and 6 rollers are available, to attach to the machine, to broaden the shapes of the fresh pasta made.

Marcato offers a 1 year “limited warranty” for “manufacturing defects only” and Household use only for Ristorántica and all its accessories.

Wellness: the guarantee of 100% pure and healthy pasta

Marcato pays particular attention to health with the concept of Wellness: Ristorántica is a professional machine for fresh pasta, each part of which is made of materials that do not release heavy metals.


Continuous research and cutting-edge production techniques have enabled Marcato to obtain 3 international patents for Ristorántica. The patents:

  1. rollers made of aluminium alloy for foods, free of heavy metals harmful to health;
  2. surface hardening treatment of rollers, which increases the surface hardness of the aluminium alloy and improves durability over time;

  3. coating of scrapers with polymer resin, to eliminate the release of heavy metals due to friction between metals and to facilitate the separation of the pasta from the smooth rollers.

Marcato continues to perform lab tests and extensive controls on its products to support the concept of "Wellness" every single day, to make its machines safe for the consumer to use, and to prepare genuine tasting pasta with all the flavours of tradition.


  • 10 Kg of pasta per hour
  • 3 extruders and 2 cutting rollers included
  • 9 extruders and 6 rollers optional
  • Unique Italian design
  • 5 international patents
  • 1 year “limited warranty” for “manufacturing defects only” and Household use only

Ristorántica is the complete machine for making healthy and wholesome fresh pasta, with a touch of style like no other. An all-Italian masterpiece, entirely Made in Italy. 

For further information:, Office direct Tel.: 269-932-0214, Main Office Tel.: 269-932-0220, 800 Marcato number: 877-267-8906, Cell.: +1-269-985-8290